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20 (july 28)

a place for me to organize an assortment of collections and thoughts.

not mobile friendly. formatted best for pc and firefox.

about : self-explanatory, i hope.

analysis : i like stories! i like talking about what i've read or watched and what media i've consumed... even though it's hard for me to get into new things at times, haha.

art : also self-explanatory, haha.

inventory : collections of images.

library : articles, videos, things of that nature.

ocs : the special guys that live in my head.


december 23 2022 : been keeping up with making minor updates to my library and some of my png collections over the past few months, but mostly i've been distracted by school. and my beloved boyfriend of course, but that's not exactly a distraction that i'm complaining about, haha. last major update for the year -- a room for both of us and our cat hidden on the "creatures" page of my inventory, which i'll be working on adding more to once i get back home after christmas... it exists for now, at least! looking forward to next year. good luck, folks.

june 16 2022 : the oc index and all the extra universe/character pages linked to it are finished. added some more meat to my inventory, too... and a page that links to my idealized dashboard (my favorite posts online, haha)! i think my next goal is to work on some of the "flavor"/more hidden pages that i had ideas for... artfight is starting soon, though, so we'll see how many i have to get done. i have some ideas that i'm very excited to make the assets for (-:

june 10 2022 : huh. so the oc index art may have taken less time than i thought it would. lol. still need to work on individual universe and character pages (plus some other page ideas i have)... but other than that, the basic skeleton of what i'd originally planned is all done! coinciding perfectly with the beginning of summer... finals week batshit insane creative project quota Fulfilled.

june 08 2022 : wow, haha. i've been on the fucking grind. working on this instead of studying for my last few finals, as god intended. i don't think this thing will ever be really "done," but i've finished a lot of the pages that i originally intended to have on it, plus some that i definitely Could Not have foreseen being on here. finished: my inventory and my library, but i'm sure i'll be adding onto those for as long as i continue using this site. working on: my art page... making art for my ocs on here is going to take wayyy longer than that. conclusions: javascript fucking sucks, btw.

june 03 2022 : created basic page layout and links. added about and analysis pages in sidebar. drafted about, uploaded some of my more recent thoughts to "analysis."