tools of the trade :
i'm a csp and mspaint artist to the bitter end. i also use animeeffects to tween and windows movie maker to edit! my tablet is an old huion h610 pro that i've had since middle school.
brushes :
i change around my brushes a lot (and a lot of them are either custom/heavily edited, haha)... but with that being said, i really enjoy the following:
-- cartoon ink pen (for lining + manga-style work)
-- an assortment of screentones/textures: tone brushes + studio screen tones + simple retro halftone brushes
-- marker paint (looooove this one)
-- chalk brush set
-- character/writing pens
inspirations :
obviously non-exhaustive, but here are some of my favorite artists:
-- neanmoins-que
-- sakiyama8ma
-- wooma
-- zicbx
-- ...and my boyfriend (-:
can i repost your work/are you on [X] site?
ask. i only post art anymore on the other sites linked in my about (tumblr + toyhouse + artfight) or in my discord servers.
do you ever draw fanart/will you draw things from [X]?
sometimes! i used to draw a LOT of fanart when i was younger, but i mostly focus on oc work now. i like the community that i've found and i love getting invested in my friends' stories and characters, haha.
how long does it take you to finish a drawing?
i usually draw very quickly -- i sketch out a basic pose/guidelines, and then usually just line or paint directly over it without putting in too many details. when i'm drawing "simpler" stuff or trying to go even faster, i just freehand things and hope for the best. (this happens especially in mspaint.) more involved illustrations that i'm super-focused on can take me a couple days (spreading out work throughout, ofc), but most of the time i like to finish things in one sitting... or i risk just never going back to it, lol.
what's your favorite color?
red, hexcode #ed1c24 (a.k.a. mspaint default red). i like bright colors and contrast... or monochrome grayscale, no in-between.