consider this to be my personally-curated museum.

Bernie Fuchs, 1966: Love in San Francisco.
Charlie Meckel, n.d.: The Light Pours Through.
David Lupton, n.d.
Dominic Meyer, 2022: Sun Knight.
Lin Yung Cheng, 2021: Geometry Homework.
Jan Luyken, 1795 : One in the Bed.
Jan Luyken, 1795 : One at the Mill.
Jan Luyken, 1795 : One in the Field.
Gus & Lo, 2019 : V #119.
Valery Mozok, 1982: Conservation.
Leo Gestel, 1909: Autumn.
Sergey Kuznetsov, n.d.: Sunset.
Nguyen Duy Manh, 2021.
Jack, May 25, 2022: Milk past Midnight.
Wieslaw Walkuski, n.d.
Parmigianino, 1535-1540 : Madonna of the Long Neck.
Andrzej Mazur, 2014 : The Soothsayer.
Miratti/Sundrips (Deactivated on Tumblr): You've been here before, lived this day before.
Monica Piloni, 2013: Hybris.
Hawta Mahmood, 2021: Cowboy in Dawn.
Unknown, 1950s.
Scientific American, 2013: Septic Shock.
Wym Delvoye, 2001: Calliope.
Emile Bernard, 1889: Wheat Harvest.
Yen Jui Lin, 2017.
Imants Tillers, 1988: Kangaroo Blank.